What being "green" means to me...

We live in a world that prioritizes profits over purpose, but also that prioritizes feeling over purpose. This is human nature, but it also means that sometimes (read often), we defile nature. I am victim of this too, I cannot deny that I haven't purchased off of Amazon before, that I haven't rationalized my spending habits with excuses like "well, I am a student." But, we have to make better decisions. 


From Kate with Care gives back to the earth, but also offers competitive pricing with above average care when shipping. This business was started with a question to the community "why aren't the folks supplying us green being green?" Why are plant enthusiasts giving their money to corporations like walmart or home depot who have repeatedly abused the environment for gain in capital? It did not and still does not make sense to me. The ideas seem so contradictory to me. So, I wanted to make a difference. This is why I think it is so important to give to the Nature Conservancy, this is why I believe in From Kate with Care.

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